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No Code – By RGB Designers 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning is a process which should be accompanied with doubts which leads to greater understanding and is a pathway to success. Thus some frequently asked questions by the students are listed alongside.

Can a non tech guy attend the class?

Yes, The curriculum is designed in such a way that a non tech person can easily attend the classes. Also we have curated the content in a very simple language that even an 15 year old can learn from it.

Do I need to learn coding?

Our whole content is designed to build a website without coding. In some case scenarios even if you have to use code of one or two lines, you can easily get it through google search.

Are there any recordings available for the sessions?

Yes, you can have a access to the recorded sessions. Time period will be depending upon the type of course

Do I need any special equipment ?

You just need a PC or Laptop

Do I Need to invest additional amount ?

Yes, you need to purchase domain and hosting, which you can use for your company website.

If I don't have a PC/laptop can I still join?

Yes you can join but we are based on learning by practice, so it is recommended to have a PC so that you will be able to practice along with us

Do I need to pay extra money for getting the certificate?

No, You will be awarded an e-certificate after the completion of the course within a week’s time.

No Code

WhatsApp Weekend Courses

We will teach you build an website from from the pre-made templates over the weekends (Friday -Sunday).

No Code

Premium Courses

We will teach you build an website from scratch without any templates. Classes will happen on the weekday evening – Twice an week

No Code

Expert Courses

In this curriculum, you will learn to achieve some special functions on the website like building an LMS or multivendor e-commerce platform. 

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One on One Coaching

We will help and teach you in designing an complex dynamic websites like learning mangement system, alumni managemetn system and more

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