Recently I took an internship program on digital marketing from Digital Deepak. Instead of saying it as internship I can say it as training combined with internship. We had weekly training on different areas of digital marketing followed by assignments on the particular areas. It pushed us to learn beyond our boundaries. This even helped me grow my courses

Who is Digital Deepak?

Deepak Kanakaraju is publicly called “Digital Deepak” is one of the best Digital marketing influencers in India like Neil Patel and Ryan Deiss. He is basically from Salem, Tamil Nadu, and his journey started as a blogger. His first blog was about bikes named Bikerboy which helped him to attend international events. After that, he worked as a digital marketer in several top companies like Instamojo, Razorpay, and more. Through his blog he inspires lots of people on digital marketing in India.

About Digital Deepak Internship (DDIP)

DDIP Program has been designed in such a way so that anyone can learn by practicing and consist of 12 modules that cover almost every aspect of Digital Marketing in the T Shaped Aspect. Internship opens the door for many opportunities like Affiliate Marketing, Digital Freelancing, Digital Mentoring, Natural Sales, Marketing Automation, etc

During the internship we had introduction with like minded people with similar personality. Actually the first part of the training will be of personality identification. In the next part I will speak about my Co-Interns. If you would like to apply for DDIP, Click the link below.

About My Co-Interns

  1. Chaitanya. He is also an engineer like me and wanted to become a digital Entrepreneur. He thought of starting digital services as a freelancer. His blog is about how digital marketing is important for businesses and to increase sales, Fundamentals of marketing, the difference between traditional and digital marketing, different modules in digital marketing etc.
  2. Pavan. He is in providing services related to EPF. If you are an Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) account holder, it is important to nominate someone in your account so that in the event of your death the nominee can easily claim the money. It is important to ensure that your family members (who are normally the nominees) can claim your EPF corpus easily. You can learn more about EPF form his blog EPF Consultants.
  3. Hiten shah. An MBA graduate wanted to start his own digital marketing agency. His blog is about the Fundamentals of marketing, the difference between Digital vs Traditional Marketing, and how to build a strong Personal Brand. You must read his article on digital marketing tips to run your business.
  4. Shrey Jain – He is also an engineer like me and wanted to become a digital Entrepreneur. He on a mission to convert the food industry and food businesses of India and into digital. His blog is about how food ingredients and digital marketing for the food industry helped many small businesses to grow. He also writes about healthy food ingredients and owns an eCommerce store selling ingredients to home bakers and SME’s of the ketchup and namkeen industry. Read about health benefits.
  5. Shubam. He is actually a motivator for us in our Group. He owns the blog Guide In Purchase was founded on the principle of providing pro guidance to all the consumers who want to buy products online. The quality and comprehensive content about a product help you to choose the best product of a particular category. He recently published an article about IFB Microwave Owen. Also if you would like to learn more about DDIP you can read his In-depth article.
  6. Archana Jayakumar– A computer major 1 st year mca student. Recently realized that it is not the right stream for me and shifted the focus to the marketing field. Started with digital marketing, I started a blog on health and fitness help people realize the common mistakes, necessary steps, and things to avoid and to know when it comes to weight loss and body toning. Learn about losing weight.